Thursday, July 2, 2009

I LOVE Summer!!

Everyday I think I'm going to find time to update my blog and everyday seems to pass and I don't find the time to do it, so I'm finally making myself update this.  Summer time is just busy, but man do I love it.  I love the long days and wearing shorts and t shirts all the time and not being cold.   So anyhow we have had a little bit excitement the past few weeks.  Hayden got to take his first trip to the emergency room on June 9th.  He fell in our dining room and hit the door and had a cut above his left eye.  I'm posting a picture......hope it doesn't gross anybody out, I just want you to get the full idea.  Luckily they were able to glue it and he didn't have to have stitches.  Now I'm trying to put some stuff on it every day to keep it from scarring as bad.  

So aside from the ER visit the last few weeks have been filled with typical fun stuff.  We went to Osceola to celebrate Memorial day.  Hayden had fun running around there and got his first tick.   We have been swimming a couple times and he LOVES the water, but has no fear of it so you have to watch him constantly or he will just go walking right into the water.  My mom, grandpa, brother, and nephews came down on Sunday and Hayden and Dylan had lots of fun together.  They enjoyed splashing in the little plastic pool. 

I'm also posting some pictures of Hayden with the dogs.  He loves dogs!!!  If he sees a dog on TV he gets all excited.  His word for dogs is bubbas.  He has now learned that he can go sit on Max's back and waller her around, so when we go outside that's usually the first thing he does and then he is covered in dog hair.  We finally got his swing hung that we got him for his Birthday and he really enjoys swinging in it.  Pretty much if it is an outside activity he likes it.  I think he would stay out all day if we would let him.  Oh and he still is crazy about the vacuum.  He wants to help me push our vacuum all the time and the last time I got it out he decided he needed to sit on it and ride it.  I'm thinking when he gets older vacuuming will definitely be one of his chores.