Thursday, February 26, 2009

February Fun

Well thought I better give an update on what we have been doing. Hayden has had had a cold and an ear infection so that kept us from doing anything for a while. Last weekend we went to Kansas City for two nights and out car was so full of stuff it looked like we were moving. We had a good time and Hayden got to go visit his Great Grandma Betty. He loved playing with her cane and I was so afraid he was going to wack her across the nose with it. Then we also got to see one of my old college roomates Alicia and her little girl Nichole. Hayden liked her. You will notice in the picture he is trying to hold her hand :)

The really exciting news is Friday night before we left for Kansas City Hayden took his first steps on his own. He let go of the chair and walked about 4 steps right into mommy's arms. He has done it a little bit more off and on the last few days, but tonight he really started doing it. At one time tonight he probably took 8 steps at one time. If he goes slow he can walk good, but usually he takes two steps then gets in a hurry and falls then crawls. Not sure if we are ready for him to walk, but is sure has been fun watching him learn.

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