Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy, Busy, Boy

Well Hayden has been super busy the last few weeks. He is just so much fun right now and we have so much fun watching him learn new stuff. He just goes 90 miles an hour all the time which keeps us busy just keeping up :)

We went to work on some landscaping at the farmhouse in Osceola last weekend and Hayden had so much fun. It is pretty much off the beaten path down a dirt road and the bridge right past the house was washed out so there was absolutely no traffic so Hayden was free to roam all over the place. Hayden got a new wagon for his Birthday so he got to ride around in it and we found a little rake in the garage and he LOVED playing with it - really thought he was 'helping'.

He also was in this hat faze for a while where he always had to have somebodies hat and we got his cowboy hats down from a shelf in his room and he carried them around and played with them for quite a while one evening - so cute :)

We are really enjoying the warmer weather and have been spending quite a lot of time outside when its not raining. You can ask him if he wants to go outside and he will just start heading for the door. We are amazed all the time at what all he understands of what we say. His favorite word right now is ball. Everything that is round is a ball - rocks, apples, tomatoes. He had a fit in Walmart a couple weeks ago wanting the cantaloupe calling it a ball. Then when he saw it in the fridge the next day he again thought it was a ball and wanted it. He has also started saying no no no which is cute now, but I'm sure as he continues that is one of those things we will wish he would stop saying.

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